Racist Incident Helpline

Racist Incident Helpline

Support is here

If you or a loved one have experienced or witnessed racism in British Columbia, help is available.

Call the Racist Incident Helpline to speak with a trained professional who will help you navigate resources available to you in your community.

What is a Racist Incident?

For the purposes of this resource, a racist incident is any act of verbal or physical aggression, refusal of service, bullying, intimidation or discrimination based on the colour of a person’s skin and/or their ethno-cultural background.

When to Call

Call the helpline if you have experienced or witnessed a racist incident – no matter how much time has passed.

The helpline is accessible Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (PT). It’s available to everyone in British Columbia, regardless of your immigration status.
The Racist Incident Helpline is not for emergency calls. If you are in immediate crisis or danger, please call 911.

After-Hours Calls

If you are in immediate crisis or danger, please call 911.
If you need non-emergency support outside of operating hours, please leave a message and we will call you back on the next business day.
Please note that we do not leave voice messages due to privacy and confidentiality concerns, but if you leave us a message, we will attempt to contact you a few times. If you miss our calls, please reach out again.

What Happens When You Call

When you dial 1-833-457-5463, you’ll be connected directly with a staff member who has completed trauma response and cultural sensitivity training.

The operator can:

  • Listen to your experience,
  • Provide information about local support services,
  • Direct you on next steps based on your comfort level, and
  • With your consent, refer you to the services that best match your needs.

Assistance is available in over 240 languages, so let the person who answers your call know your preferred language.

We’re ready to help. Support is here.

Free. Confidential. Trauma informed.

1-833-HLP-LINE 1-833-457-5463

Information for service providers

We invite community-based organizations, Indigenous-led organizations and land-based Nations throughout the province that specialize in supporting those affected by racist incidents to learn more about this program and its opportunities by visiting the United Way BC website.

Helpline Information and Opportunities

About the Racist Incident Helpline

The Racist Incident Helpline is a culturally safe and trauma-informed resource for people who have experienced or witnessed a racist incident, but who may not want to or know how to report it to police. The helpline makes sure that everyone can access the information and support they want and need.